Wedding Veil – cathedral veil, birdcage veil, pearl veil, lace veil and more

Historically bridal veils are a symbol of modesty and obedience. Today a veil continues to play an important role during a wedding celebration. Wearing a bridal veil or a cape brings a sense of mystery and completes the bridal look.

There are different types of bridal veils that every bride would want to consider depending on her personal preferences, dress design, ceremony and family traditions. We offer a variety of veils that can be short or long transparent veil, the veil that goes over your face, veils that an be pinned or attached to the comb. Explore a veil decorated with delicate lace, glass pearls or sequins. We can design a veil to match your dress to make sure you get a perfect match for your wedding day. If you have any questions on the veil please feel free to get in touch with us here. If you wish to see more wedding looks with veils please visit our Instagram page.

Why to wear a cape for your wedding day?

A cape has been around longer than there have been means to document it. A matching cape for a wedding dress gets more popularity today. Its elegant and sophisticated lines and fabric charmed many brides’ hearts. A wedding dress cape can be designed from different fabrics, can have length, silhouettes, sleeves length and embroidery. The style you would to consider is definitely depends on your wedding gown and often has been already designed for you as an additional accessory. If it is not you might want to consider to do a custom made cape that will be a beautiful match with lace, pearls or beading that would not overpower dress but make its main features and decorations to stand out.

Come and try on our beautiful bridal veils and capes at Dell’Amore Bridal store in Auckland.

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