Wedding jackets are a beautiful and nice touch to the bridal look. Often brides choose a bridal jacket for a winter or late autumn wedding. This period has its own charm.  For example, it creates that winter mood with snowy mountains peaks, falling yellow and red leaves which give a special charm to wedding photographs.  A bride wants not only look perfect, but also feel comfortable during her special day. Wool  and fur coats jackets for brides are ideal for this. They allow you to keep warm during your wedding celebration.

Another reason to shop for bridal outwear is to incorporate a cool and stylish looks into your wedding outwear. These days you can find wedding boleros and jackets in a contemporary, glamorous or classic styles.  Really funky, embroidered, lace, moto and denim jackets are still very popular in the bridal fashion and among the brides.

So what is the difference between the wedding jacket and bridal bolero?

A wedding bolero is a short cropped jacket that usually has long sleeves, however it can come with the short sleeves as well. It often fastens with only one button and can be made from fur or fabric. In fact, lace models look most impressive. 

A bridal jacket is a garment that goes either to the waist or the hips and usually fastens at the front. You can easily find long or short sleeve wedding coats. Also fur and tulle coats are perfect for classic wedding dress silhouettes.

Dell’Amore Bridal has a beautiful selection of blush, pink and white wedding jackets and bridal boleros that you can choose for your special day.

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