Casual and Minimalist Wedding Dresses from the White Secret Collection

Casual wedding dresses became popular in the wedding fashion not so long ago. In general, the casual or minimalist style is famous for their laconicism and simple lines. Also, the casual style assumes a combination of classics with trendy elements. In fact, elegant chic will never go out of style.

Firstly, informal wedding dresses are comfortable. You can easily dance, walk around, participate in any wedding activities and party all night. In addition, casual wear goes well even with sneakers. 

Secondly, casual wedding attire is often cheaper and a more affordable option. Moreover, you can easily wear your informal wedding dress for any special occasion or a cocktail party.

Thirdly, casual white wedding dresses allow you to go beyond the usual expectations. For example, you may wear a short dress, a midi or tea-length dress as well as a wedding jumpsuit. They will match nicely your semi formal wedding or dressy casual wedding.

Fourthly, a casual wedding dress is easy to transform. You can just complement your dream dress or suit with various details. Thus a veil, cape for a ceremony, gloves, a hat, a cardigan or jacket can be a nice touch.

Explore our beautiful range of causal and informal wedding dresses below. Book your consultation and find your dream casual wedding gown today.

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