Illusion Wedding Dresses

Illusion neckline wedding dresses have a mesh or see-through fabrics. Moreover, often they highlight delicate lace, embroidery, white or colourful appliqués. In fact, the stunning feature of the mesh fabric is that it creates an image of a strapless wedding gown while providing all necessary support and comfort for the bride on the day.

Bridal gowns with the illusion neckline come in different styles and designs. For example, Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton lace wedding dresses have become everyone’s favourite. These models include dresses with translucent sleeves and a closed neckline. Another popular example, is asymmetrical wedding dresses.  In this case, the neckline area is covered with a layer of tulle, which is gathered on one side. 

Explore our range of stunning European designer wedding dresses with  an illusion neckline and learn more about your favourite wedding dress details.

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