Open Back Bridal Gowns

A wedding dress with an open back accentuates not only the beauty of the bride’s figure, but also her impeccable taste. An open back dress varies in a shape, depth and finish. For example, you can have a V- shaped, U-shaped, round, keyhole or rectangular shape back dress. In terms of how low a backline can go, it can finish at the middle of the back, at the waist or below the waist. Often, gowns with a lower back cut are called a backless wedding dresses. In addition, a dress with a low-cut back and long lace sleeves will create a seductive and sophisticated look. To create an unforgettable and dream wedding dress look many brides prefer an illusion back with luxurious lace. Moreover, embroidered piping, appliqués, and buttons are also applied to stress bride’s individuality.

Dell’Amore Bridal stock a gorgeous collection of popular backless and open back wedding gowns. Book your consultation to find out what suits you most.

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