Thin Strap Wedding Dress

Spaghetti straps wedding dresses are one of the main trends in modern fashion. They are very thin shoulder straps on your wedding dress made from different fabrics like satin, pearls or lace. They literally remind you spaghetti. More and more brides prefer such bridal outfits due to the feminine look, elegance and comfort. Thus, very narrow shoulder straps help to create a delicate, emphatically fragile image of the bride and accentuate the beauty of the neckline.

Spaghetti straps wedding dresses look particularly beautiful on bohemian wedding dresses. Also, these straps put a beautiful accent on simple and modern wedding dresses handmade from delicate silk or satin.

To find out how these type of straps will look on you, please book your free consultation with Dell’Amore Bridal now.

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