European Bridal Designer

A Blammo-Biamo designer became a part of the large and friendly Rara Avis Group family in 2017. Blammo-Biamo wedding dresses are for brides who want to create a WOW factor entrance and make the moment of walking down the aisle a truly memorable one. Forget about choosing between chic dresses and elegant ones. Blammo Biamo designer has reconciled the perfect fit of non-trivial dress silhouettes with royal luxury. Stay beautiful and remain elusive and free.

Blammo-Biamo wedding dresses are inspired by the Victorian era fashion. In fact, the dresses represent the royal classics style with its luxurious fabrics and embroidery. The most important characteristic of the royal look is the superlative degree in everything. The longest train, the richest fabrics and the most elegant embroidery.

To create a complete royal look Blammo-Biamo wedding dresses often come with a long veil. It can be decorated with with hand-embroidered lace, beads or crystals. Moreover, decorations made of real stones will be a nice touch to the look. In terms of the wedding shoes, chic styles with high heels and richly decorated will be just perfect. The hairstyle can be the most solemn, intricate or curly.

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