Rara Avis Bridal Designer

The collections of the Rara Avis designer will appeal to those brides who strive for brilliance in everything and prefer innovative and bold ideas. “She is really special” is the slogan that underlies all the collections of the brand. Rara Avis wedding dresses are stylish, extraordinary and as different as the brides who choose them.

Rara Avis that means a ‘rare bird’ from Latin. An innovative approach and attention to details helped a designer to win brides’ hearts all over the world. Moreover, the designer not only uses delicate crepe-chiffon, silk, organza, Chantilly, lace fabrics but also creates beautiful and unforgettable bridal dress looks using sea shells, leather, dry flowers and Japanese clay decorations.

Explore Floral Paradise, Wild Soul, Shine Bright, Sun Rays and other Rara Avis wedding dresses from this talented designer.

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