Sexy wedding dresses mean different things for every bride. For example, a strapless dress showing the shoulders or a low cut back will create a sufficient seductive bridal look or a hint of sexy for some brides. While other brides would prefer a plunge neckline with an addition of figure hugging silhouette and a split the skirt.

A part of the above designs the designers use other wedding dress making techniques that help them to create stunning bridal looks. Firstly, translucent fabric, with lace appliqués or embroidery will always look absolutely sensual. Secondly, leaving the bottom of the skirt unlined and hiding the legs with just transparent Chantilly lace will show a bride’s playful and flirty side. Thirdly, don’t forget about convertible or transformer wedding dresses. These gowns offer many options like detachable sleeves, skirts, capes and tops. These dresses will make you look  romantic or ultimately sexy and daring on the big day.

Explore the the sexiest wedding dresses of the season below and get in touch to try them on.

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