10 Beach Wedding Dresses Perfect for Seaside Ceremonies

Have you been envisioning a beautiful, seaside setting for your wedding ceremony? Ever wondered what wedding dress styles make the most romantic and perfect beach wedding dresses? We sure have! If you’re in the same boat, explore our top ten beach wedding dress designs below, chosen to complete your dreamy seaside ceremony or simply book a free consultation on our Auckland bridal boutique.

1. Beverly – Ali D’Amore Collection

The Beverly – an enchanting example from Dell’Amore Bridal’s beach wedding dresses, from the Ali D’Amore collection

The Beverly from the Ali D’Amore collection is an enchanting dress that takes the breath right away. The tulle and lace material that make up the skirt and train of the dress has a light texture that fluffs out around the bride’s feet, mimicking soft sea foam that crashes softly on the shore. The upper half of the Beverly is stunningly embroidered and has a deep cleavage and open back design, allowing the bride’s skin to shine beautifully in the sun. Little key details include straps that are beaded and detachable, as well as a decorated beaded belt.

2. Diel – Ali D’Amore Collection

wedding dress Diel with lace back

The Diel is a bewitching wedding dress perfect for any wedding ceremony held on the seaside. This backless design is made of layered fabrics and intricate embroidery that gives the impression of seafoam and flowers. The length of straight skirt extending down is layered with a train that splashes out prettily on the ground below.  The gown is so elegant and will looks stunning on the beach ceremony. This wedding dress is also available online ordering.  

3. Opra – Ali D’Amore Collection

The Opra – A beaded lace wedding dress from Dell’Amore Bridal’s Ali D’Amore collection.

The majestic design of the Opra wedding dress will harmonise charmingly with any seaside wedding, making you feel like a mermaid princess straight out of the ocean. Feel the refreshing breeze on your skin in this beaded lace beauty! The bodice is created from two layers, lace and a powder nylon fabric, and the skirt is made of a fitted skirt and train. The whole design is covered in captivating beaded embroidery which will sparkle in the sun as brightly as the ocean. The gown looks even more luxurious in real life than looking at it as a wedding dress online.

4. Klays – Wild Soul Collection

The Klays – an exquisite wedding dress from Dell’Amore Bridal’s Wild Soul

The exquisite design of the Klays wedding dress from the Wild Soul Collection is one that you don’t want to miss out on. The unique bohemian design of this dress is a dazzling choice for any seaside wedding. Created with an open-shoulder style, the lace corset and flowing circular skirt and train are delightfully decorated and textured. An enchanting feature of this dress is the colourful detailing adorning the bra cups of the bodice, adding unique personality, true to the spirit of bohemian fashion. Our bridal boutique in Auckland has a variety of bohemian styles that we would love to show you.

5. Rebeka – Wild Soul Collection

The Rebeka – an exciting flowing wedding dress from Dell’Amore Bridal’s Wild Soul collection

The Rebeka is another exciting boho design from our wedding dress collections. The bodice of this dress is entrancing and consists of long sleeves and an open back design that looks mesmerising with the embroidered lace and tassels along the neckline. You’ll feel like you’re enveloped by a soft cloud in this flowing dress – not to mention the skirt and train ripple amazingly in the breeze!  

6. Sadi – Wild Soul Collection

The Sadi – a beautiful sheer example of Dell’Amore Bridal’s beach wedding dresses, from the Wild Soul collection

The flowing form of the Sadi with its billowing sleeves, Y-neck, and bold yet elegant pattern, makes this an adventurous dress any bride would love to be swept away in. The design features an open back and balloon sleeves decorated with a fringed hem and wide bands. The sheer material of the dress is embroidered with stones and a wide white belt hugs your waist to keep your body’s shape.  

7. Lymi – Dream Ocean Collection

beachy wedding gown Lymi with thin straps and chiffon skirt

The A-line form of the Lymi wedding gown is delicate, sweet and sumptuous. With a V-neck and snug bodice design, the Lymi will make any bride feel angelic on her wedding day whether the ceremony takes place at the beach or in the forest. The serene lengths of skirt flow down in a multi-layered maxi skirt, complemented with a fringed hem along the train. The whole look of pure and tranquil exudes from ruffled chiffon and thin fabric straps, and the whole dress inspires an ambient atmosphere of peace and happiness, perfect for a seaside ceremony.

8. Somalia – Dream Ocean Collection

The Somalia – a fluffy wedding dress from Dell’Amore Bridal’s Dream Ocean collection

The fluffy, flowing style of the Somalia wedding dress is what dreams are made of! This lacy, princess vision consists of a sequined bodice on the upper body that hugs closely to the skin and then flows lavishly down into plush skirts from a festooned waistline. The unique straps are gorgeously crosshatched and the whole look is lovingly brought together with delicate twig embroidery and beading.

9. Maeva – Dream Ocean Collection

The Maeva – a two-piece wedding dress from Dell’Amore Bridal’s Dream Ocean collection

The two-piece Maeva wedding dress is a marvellous choice to wear for your beach wedding. This elegant style of the slit skirt with ornamental flounce is designed to flow and let the beautiful bride feel refreshed by the ocean breeze. The deep V-neck of the bodice is also complemented by flowing velvet flounce underneath and around the bra cups. This feature is inspiringly complemented by tiny oval twig decorations along the top rim of the dress. Like little sea grapes, they travel up the thin straps that trail down to the back of a bodice and a long trail.

10. Kolett – Dream Ocean Collection

beach wedding dress Kolett with polka dot pattern by blammo-biamo

The Kolett is a snug, flowing design that draws the eye and entrances all who long upon it. The short train of the gown drapes magnificently down the bride, widening as it reaches the feet. The outer layer is adorned with a dotted pattern, and the material is made of lush velvet with flounce at the bottom. The Kolett is a ravishing wedding dress that will top off your beach wedding day, making the whole event perfect.

Love to see more beach wedding dresses?

Come and explore more of our beautiful wedding dresses online for inspiration! You’re sure to find one that really catches your eye. If you are interested in designing your very own custom-made wedding dress with us, we’ll make the process easy, smooth and fun. Dell’Amore Bridal is the most caring bridal boutique Auckland wide, so we’ll gladly work with you until every seam and detail, perfectly expresses you. Don’t forget to check our Instagram for the latest trends and designs.