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Wedding Dresses

Today wedding dress styles allows brides to show her personality and how she wants to show herself on the wedding day. In general, there are so many wedding gown silhouettes and styles that a modern bride can choose from. Below is the selection of one of the most popular bridal gown styles selected by Dell’Amore Bridal.

Sexy wedding dresses combine both snow-white innocence and the seduction. Thus, these dresses come with expressive open cut elements. For example, deep neckline, high splits on the skirts, low back and transparent fabric are a common choice.

Bohemian wedding dresses or sometimes referred as boho or rustic style gowns, are still a very popular choice. A dress of this style combines hippie and bohemian styles at the same time. A loose silhouette, lace applique, decorative elements and various color variations emphasise the individuality of the bride.

Beach wedding dresses combine lightness and comfort. They often are handmade from light fabric like chiffon and satin and come without an inbuilt corset. The length can vary a lot from the short, medium, touching the floor length to the long trains.

Modern or simple wedding gown style has its own motto. It is exquisite cut lines, simple fabrics, a minimum of decor, femininity, grace and aristocracy.

A part from this there are many other wedding gown styles like romantic, couture, elegant, classy or traditional, city hall wedding dress, gown for registration, casual wedding dress, vintage, renaissance, greek and other styles that we would love to tell you more about at our consultation.

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