All about long sleeve wedding dress

Long sleeve wedding dresses are a timeless look that has been popular for decades and perhaps even centuries. Indeed, the trend towards more mysterious and elegant bridal look is clearly evident in many of the latest collections of world famous couture houses. The wedding gown with long lace sleeves makes a bride feel aristocratically majestic, romantic and impeccably feminine. Here’s a useful insights on choosing a wedding dress with long sleeves from the experts here at Dell’Amore Bridal, a bridal boutique in Auckland.    

Winter and Autumn Wedding

Bridal gown with long sleeves

In fact, autumn and winter wedding is a beautiful time to get married. Absolutely, the photographs look stunning and your wedding dress stands out against the waterfall of yellow and red leaves. Thus, long sleeve gowns is a great idea to keep your arm covered so that you feel cozy and warm. Also, you should look at the fabric of the sleeves as this defines how warm you feel on the day. For example, cotton lace or silky Mikado fabric will be a warmer choice for the day rather than mesh sleeves. Moreover, it would be a good idea to check the temperatures of that particular region where you are getting married. It is worth to be realistic about the weather and make sure you have a plan B like a chic or vintage fur coat or a wrap.

Conservative Weddings

A bride wearing satin princess wedding dress with bodice decorated with two embroidered elements.

Another reason why you might want to choose a bridal gown with long or three quarters sleeves is the conservative style of the wedding. There are many couple who have their ceremonies in a church or follow their cultural and family traditions. Choosing the modest and traditional style dress is a way to show your respect to your family and friends. In this case, long sleeves with textural elements like lace or 3D embellishments is a delicate addition to a wedding dress. Also, a bride can think about a slim lace sleeves, off-the-shoulders look or a minimalist look with classic long-sleeves.

Long sleeves wedding dress is your personal style

Rara Avis strapless sexy wedding dress Rubin at Dell'Amore Bridal, NZ.2
Arlit mermaid wedding dress with lace sleeves

In essence, an A-line or fitted wedding dress with long sleeves will successfully emphasise your waistline and create a unique and stylish bridal look. Dell’Amore Bridal has a wide range of long sleeve wedding dresses. For example, you can choose off-shoulders, angel sleeves, bell sleeves, cuff, flounce, ruffle or bishop sleeves. In addition to this, you might want to make a bold statement and choose a wedding dress with voluminous or puff-sleeves.

For the Perfect Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses

If you’re still looking for the perfect wedding dress with long sleeves, come and view our collections in our local bridal boutique in Auckland, or explore our collections online. Therefore, no matter if you love elegant and simple designs, colourful wedding dresses, or unique bohemian wedding dresses, Dell’Amore Bridal has dresses to inspire every bride.

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