Beautiful Wedding Dresses for Every Body Type

With so many beautifully designed wedding dresses online and in bridal stores to browse, it can be hard to know what to choose! But whether you’re after bohemian wedding dresses, colourful wedding dresses, couture wedding dresses, or wedding dresses in a more sweet and traditional style, knowing which dress shapes work best for your body is the first step to finding that dream gown! If you wish to learn more about the styles below please visit our Auckland bridal boutique and we would love to tell you more about them.

As a bride, whichever dress you love most – no matter the shape – is the dress for you! We’re sure you look absolutely beautiful in it! But as a general guideline for brides starting out on their dress hunting journey, if you see a wedding dress that looks gorgeous on the hanger but drab on you, it probably caters toward a different body type. To save you time and stress, we’ve compiled a few of the most popular dress shapes and styles, exploring which body types they are most likely to suit!

1. Mermaid Wedding Dress – Hourglass

mermaid wedding dress Opal with off-shoulder sleeves and crystals by rara avis at dell'amore bridal, nz 2

If you have an hourglass figure or want to accentuate your petite waist, then mermaid or dropped-waist wedding dresses are the perfect styles for you. An hourglass figure is sexy and curvy, with a narrow waist, full bust, and wide hips and shoulders to match. A mermaid gown follows the natural feminine contours of your figure, hugging the body luxuriously before flaring out at the bottom. Perfect for a bride who wants to be extra alluring on her wedding day!

2. Ball gown Wedding Dress – Pear

Millie wedding dress from Dell’Amore Bridal’s Dream Ocean Collection. Auckland Bridal Boutique

Ball gowns make for enchanting wedding dresses. Not only will you get to live out your princess dream in it, a ball gown design is also versatile and will look great on many different body types! If you have a pear-shaped figure—a small waist and broad hips that are wider than shoulder-width—then a ball gown can be used to emphasise your waist and curves attractively. Similarly, if you want to emphasise your curves but you have a boyish figure, you can use a ball gown wedding dress to do so. On the other hand, if you have a large bust and want to play it down, a ball gown is your best friend! It will bring attention away from your chest and lovingly balance your figure.      

3. Trumpet Wedding Dress – Inverted Triangle

Airin wedding dress from Dell’Amore Bridal’s Waterfall Collection. Auckland Bridal Boutique

A trumpet style wedding dress is similar in design to a mermaid dress but less restrictive in terms of movement. Flowing lavishly down the body, a trumpet dress uses an A-line skirt, flaring out subtly from around the knees. For brides with broader shoulders, otherwise known as having an ‘inverted triangle’ body type, the trumpet is an excellent option to compliment your figure. It will bring attention to your hips, accentuating your curves and elegantly balancing your silhouette

4. Sheath Wedding Dress – Straight

Rara Avis long sleeves sheath wedding dress inkar at Dell'Amore Bridal, NZ.

Sometimes referred to as a column dress, a sheath style wedding gown is flattering on brides with a straight figure silhouette. If you have a straight body type, this means that your shoulders, hips, and waist are relatively the same width. A sheath wedding dress is a fitting style that follows the body’s natural shape, hugging your figure in just the right places. Because of the simple design of sheath silhouettes, the bride can bring attention to other aspects of their look, such as their hairstyle, jewellery, or a key feature or detail on the dress.   

5. Empire Wedding Dress – Petite

Scarlet wedding dress from Dell’Amore Bridal’s Waterfall Collection. Auckland Bridal Boutique

Key features of this gorgeous design include a fitted bodice and a waistline that sits just above the natural waist. An empire wedding dress is a beautiful choice for petite brides or brides who want to look longer and leaner. By focusing on the luscious lengths of skirt fabrics, you can bring height and presence to your silhouette while taking attention away from the legs. The fitted bodice design of the dress will also bring focus to the chest, perfect for brides wanting to accentuate a smaller bust! Feel free to visit our Auckland Bridal Boutique to try on similar styles.     

6. A-Line Wedding Dress – Apple

Lira wedding gown from Sun Rays Collection

An A-line wedding gown is narrow at the top, falling into a complimentary waistline and finished by a skirt that spreads out softly from the body – giving it that iconic A-line shape. What’s fabulous about A-line wedding dresses is that they are great picks for brides of all body types, particularly those with apple-shaped figures or brides with shorter torsos as they create the illusion of a smaller waist.

An A-line silhouette is also well-loved for its flowing shape which allows for maximum movement on the dance floor.    


Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

Which dress styles did you love most? It’s good to have an understanding of how silhouettes can be used to complement and emphasise your best features, but don’t let them stop you from trying on different styles. You never know, you might fall in love with something unexpected! If you’re looking for more inspiration for your dream gown, feel free to explore our wedding dresses online, or book a free appointment at our Auckland Bridal Boutique and see our lovely designs in person! Please check our Instragram page for the latest inspiration.