Black wedding dresses is an elegant and alternative bridal look

Although black has never been considered a wedding color, many brides choose it to create an extraordinary image. Thus, the desire to experiment and choose something very original raises a number of questions from the brides, to which they certainly want to get comprehensive answers. Hence, below is our insights on how to wear your dream black bridal gown prepared by the experts here at Dell’Amore Bridal, a bridal boutique in Auckland.    

How did this fashion with black wedding dresses begin?

The first newlywed who decided to appear at her own wedding in a black dress was Sarah Jessica Parker. In 1997, she wanted everyone to remember her wedding day and gave up the traditional outfit. Admittedly, this has not escaped the attention of designers, and now black wedding dresses can be seen in almost all fashion shows.

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing her black wedding gown

Pros and cons of the black bridal gown

Broadly speaking, advantages of wearing your favourite black wedding outfit:

  • suits all brides;
  • visually slims;
  • very practical;
  • non-marking;
  • suitable for themed weddings;
  • suitable for wearing after a celebration.

In terms of the disadvantages of this bridal look you are likely to face some criticism from the conservative minds. Moreover, you will also need to think about your wedding theme in more details to make sure you bring some bright colours like flowers and decorations to the celebration. On the other hand, they will stand out on the black wedding gown particularly nicely.

What about the make up that goes well with the black bridal gown?

Generally speaking, to create an elegant and sophisticated look it is recommended to give preference to the soft natural shades. Too dark make up might become overwhelming for the wedding look.

What kind of jewellery would work best?

Beautiful bridal jewellery: hanging gold earrings and necklace

Jewelry with diamonds, pearls or crystals is in perfect harmony with a black wedding dress. You can complement your image with an elegant necklace, expressive earrings, a bright brooch, a beautiful diadem or veil embroidered with rhinestones or stones.

White Secret Collection or a black swan?

The designer collaboration between our three talented designers (Rara Avis, Ange Etoiles and Blammo-Biamo) have brought you the inspiring White Secret Collection. These gowns are elegant and simple, modern and luxurious, and what is more importantly they can be all handmade in your favourite black colour! For example, you can choose an A-line or princess style black wedding dress like Charlen, Hardy or Viloetta. On the other hand, if you prefer a figure hugging silhouette like a sheath, fit and flare or mermaid black wedding dress than you might want to explore Fey, Jina or Frea black bridal gowns.

Wedding dress Billi in a beautiful black colour from the White Secret Collection

For the Perfect Black Wedding Gown

Thus, if you’re still looking for the dream and elegant black wedding dress, come and view our collections in our local bridal boutique in Auckland, or explore our collections online. In other words, no matter what you love, Dell’Amore Bridal has dresses to inspire every bride.

  Overall, if you’re looking for more inspiration for your dream gown, feel free to explore our wedding dresses online, or book a free appointment at our Auckland Bridal Boutique and see our lovely designs in person! Also, please check our Instagram page for the latest inspiration.