Blush Wedding Dress or Love at first blush!

Did you know that they are particularly trendy in 2022 as more and more brides say I do alternative bridal dresses? Did you know that the pure white bridal gown doesn’t suit most of the woman? The colour analysis that investigates skin tone and colour seasons illustrates large amount of evidence. In contrast, blush and pink wedding dresses have a lot to offer to the brides.

Wedding dresses with the off-pink and white colour show your natural glow. These gowns are sweet, romantic and accentuate the beauty of a woman in any age. Moreover, there are so many shades of blush and pink that help to express your personality.

Dreamy pink wedding dresses

Often off-blush wedding gowns are associated with the princess, dreamy looks. In fact, it is a fairy tale wedding, and you are a princess. Dell’Amore Bridal offers a huge variety of pink princess and A-line wedding dresses that are so different from traditional wedding dresses. The dresses are handmade from soft tulle, gold and blush satin and accentuated with intriguing design twists like bows, asymmetrical sleeves, wings, capes, jackets, splits, removable skirts and etc.

Sexy blush wedding gown Nora by Blammo-Biamo with wing sleeves and bodice cups decorated with blush crystals, image 2

Sophisticated Blush Wedding Dress

Blush wedding dresses embody feminine and sophisticated look that creates a mature bridal look. This is often represented in a fitted style wedding dresses that use blush colour crepe-chiffon, stretch satin and other underlayers. The white lace delicate fabric nicely stands out on the contrast of the off pink colour.

Fitted style blush wedding dress Yri with a detachable skirt from Rara Avis designer

Wedding Theme and Blush Wedding Dress

Choosing a blush wedding dress ultimately creates a very soft colour palette to your wedding. Thus it might be a good idea not to add too much pink into your wedding theme colour to avoid the barbie effect and bring other colours like sage, cream, red, purple, brown and other colour tones. They will only create a beautiful background making you and your groom to shine even more.

Our stylish bride Sonia wears a wedding dress Tatyn from Ange Etoiles with the blush colour top and underlayer. The dress features white colour tulle skirt that hide dancing flowers on organza skirt. Check out the beautiful combination of pastel brown, white and soft pink that Sonia used to create a nice drop for the photoshoot.

Fall in love with our beautiful range of pink wedding gowns

Browse our blush and colourful wedding dresses that are non-traditional or so called alternative wedding dresses and fall in love with your pink dream. Book your bridal consultation now!