Cute wedding traditions from all around the world

   Every culture has its own unique and loved wedding traditions that range from the cute to the really strange and bizarre. We have prepared a list with the most interesting beliefs and wedding traditions. This means that you are ready for anything both as a guest and as the bride. Dell’Amore Bridal stocks truly unique wedding dresses in Auckland and has been serving brides from all around the globe. We love helping bride integrate their cultural traditions into their wedding, and enjoy seeing the amazing blend of styles that it creates!

Wedding Dresses in England and New Zealand

From British folklore, perhaps the most popular wedding custom in the New Zealand has arisen. Thus the bride must have something old, something new, something borrowed and some element of blue. There is a belief that the old thing is a symbol of connection with the family that will bless the unborn child. Also the new one will open up a wonderful future for the girl and someone else’s will bring good luck. Finally, the blue colour guarantees loyalty. In addition to everything else, the bride should put a sixpence coin under her heel in order to live in wealth.

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Wedding dresses tradition in Brazil

Brazilian brides primarily care about their single bridesmaids. For example, a bride write her girlfriends’ names on the lining of a wedding dress, believing that this will help the girls find their love as soon as possible. It is interesting that a similar tradition exists among the Greeks, but they adorn the soles of the bride’s shoes with a list of singles.

A Mexican bride wearing her white and lace wedding dress

Austrian Bridal Customs

Austrian customs require the bride to wake up on the day of the ceremony as early as possible. Many families in Salzkammergut, Tyrol and Styria still observe the ancient tradition and, as their ancestors did, come early in the morning to the girl’s house to wake her up with the sounds of shooting and fireworks. It is believed that this noise will scare away evil spirits.

Austrian landscape with the river and mountains that is perfect for a wedding ceremony

China and Tujia wedding tradition

A wedding for the Tujia people, an ethnic group living in China, begins with tears! Thus according to custom, a month before the ceremony, the bride should start crying, demonstrating gratitude to her parents and unwillingness to leave her father’s house. Later, her sisters, aunts, grandmothers and mother join her. In fact, the “cry of the bride” performed in the 17th century, now it is more of a reason to get together with the whole family and without any tears.

Mexican wedding celebrations

Traditionally, the godparents of the newlyweds did all wedding arrangements and often resolved even financial issues. Indeed, they believed that this is how they pass on their experience and wisdom to them. Godfathers most often put on a pair of “wedding lasso”, in other words large “rosary” with ribbons and flowers, which symbolise their closeness and affection for each other. The wedding lasso is a beautiful feature that lovely stands out on any wedding dresses.

Tunisian bridal customs

The wedding celebration in Tunisia begins six days before the ceremony itself. A special role in the preparation is played by the custom of decorating the bride’s hands and feet with henna. Usually a relative applies – drawings in the form of butterflies and flowers and intricate patterns are usually applied by a relative.

Tunisian wedding tradition: bridal hands with henna

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