Handmade Wedding Dress

How do you tell when a wedding dress is sewn well? It is not just about how stunning it looks – it is the finer details that tell wedding dresses apart. Dell’Amore designers pay extra attention to the stitching that provides invisible support, the hand embroidery that they meticulously apply with a needle, and the overall comfort of the dress, which is only possible with handmade wedding dresses.

Thanks to the extensive experience of our designers and tailors, we make this a reality with every dress. A combination of high quality fabrics, garment accessories, handmade embroidery (like Japanese clay and handmade glass), means that every designer wedding dress is a unique masterpiece that can never be identical to another dress (even of the same design). 

We have a wide range of designer wedding gowns, classical, glamorous nude skin effect dresses, romantic and bohemian wedding dress designs. For a little extra coverage you can choose a dress with high necklines, toppers like boleros, or long sleeves. The majority of Dell’Amore gowns are available in different colours like ivory, champagne, powder/rose, mint or light lavender. Minimalist jewellery like a backdrop necklace is always a nice touch to add some charm.

We are very passionate about our designer wedding dresses and accessories, and we would love to see you and show you truly unique wedding gowns. Please see our Instagram page for more details. If you would like to see the handmaking process and imagine how your gown will be handcrafted for you, please check our Youtube channel. 

Book your bridal appointment now 🙂 It will be great to meet you in person and we hope to see you soon.

Dell’Amore Bridal Team


Sexy mermaid wedding dress Bonita with the sweetheart bodice, flower lace and bees decorations by Ange Etoiles. It has a removable lace cape, image 3
The Bonita wedding dress with a lace cape from Ali D’Amore Collection