How do you know when you find the dream wedding dress?

Congratulations on your engagement! The air is filled with so much excitement! Family and friends are buzzing with talk of wedding planning, and one of the most important aspects for every bride-to-be is finding the dream wedding dress. The bridal dress represents the first look, the first impression on your big day, and it should reflect who you are and how you want to present yourself. Some women have dreamt about this moment since childhood, while others may not have given it much thought. We all have different preferences, but ultimately, we all want to feel beautiful and confident, whether we’ve been envisioning our wedding day for years or have never worn a dress before.

This article compiles years of our experience in helping brides say “Yes!” to the dress and provides key insights into finding the right one (and we’re talking about the dress, not the man, although there may be some similarities at times).

Your face reveals it all

We often say that your emotions and facial expressions say more than words ever could. It usually takes just a minute or so to see if a bride loves a wedding dress. Your face radiates happiness and joy, with a constant smile. You might even get emotional, and tears may fill your eyes. It’s important to note that while many bridal gowns may look good on you, not all of them will make you feel the same way. The one that truly speaks to you will make your eyes sparkle and make you literally glow.

You can’t stop thinking about the wedding dress

By now, you’ve probably visited several shops and have a good idea of the silhouette and style that suits you. But have you caught yourself constantly thinking about one particular dress? Often, it’s the gown that you least expected to fall in love with. One of our brides, Jessie, said, “I couldn’t stop thinking about mine, so I had to go back and buy it.” Another bride had a dream about her dress, and another woke up in the morning with a strong feeling that it was the one for her.

Your words say it all

When you find the one, your vocabulary tends to change, or even disappear altogether. Many of our brides are left speechless when they find their dream dress. It takes them a few minutes to gather themselves and finally say those three magical words: “I love it.” Interestingly, the word “love” often replaces other words like “like” or “maybe,” even though the brides may not consciously notice. There will be no hesitations or phrases like “I like it, but…” or “It’s nice, but I’m not blown away.” Instead, brides will express how much they love their dress or obsess over particular embroidery and detail.

You don’t want to change a thing

During our bridal consultations, it’s common for brides to contemplate making changes to the wedding dress, such as altering the sleeves, neckline, color, back, or skirt volume. While some minor adjustments are expected, if you find yourself wanting to make numerous significant changes, it’s a sign that it may not be your dream dress. Keep looking, and you will find the dream wedding dress that perfectly aligns with your theme, style, and color scheme. The right gown won’t require extensive modifications that drastically change its design. Making too many changes can turn it into a completely different dress, which defeats the purpose of your initial purchase. In fact, it increases the risk of not liking the final result.

It might be the unexpected choice

You may have heard this sentiment before, but it’s worth emphasizing through the experiences of our brides. You might have always imagined yourself getting married in a princess fairy tale dress or opting for a fitted style that suits you and matches your usual attire. However, as the saying goes, “Tell God your plans and he will laugh.” This holds true when it comes to finding the perfect dress. In reality, it often works in the opposite way, with brides choosing bridal attire they never thought would suit them or feel right.

For instance, one of our customers shared her story: “I walked in thinking I wanted something totally boho, and we tried on almost every dress. But Valerie encouraged me to try on the one displayed on the mannequin, the one that kept catching my eye. I fell in love with the dress as soon as I stepped into it.” It’s crucial to maintain a positive and open mindset when exploring different silhouettes and styles of wedding dresses, even if some may not be currently in vogue. After all, it’s your wedding day and your unique wedding story that matters most.

dream wedding dress zemira with 3D flowers and full skirt

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