How to choose bridal robes for the bridal morning?

Bridal robes become an essential element of the wedding morning. Undoubtedly, every bride wants to look stylish and elegant at any time of her wedding day. A wedding robe is the first dressing gown for a bride on her special day that is helping her to get ready for the big day. A correctly chosen robe will make you feel and look pretty and comfortable. Let’s dive into the wedding robe shopping in more details and see what you should seriously consider when buying getting ready outfits.

How to choose a bridal robe?

A bride wearing a white satin wedding robe with lace back

First of all, a bride-to-be needs to choose a dressing gown paying attention to comfort. Undoubtfully, if it is a comfortable robe, then the photos will turn out beautiful, and you will feel at ease and free.

Secondly, the style of the bride depends on the quality and type of fabric she decides to go ahead with. For example, silk is traditional fabric for such a special bridal outfit. However, you can often find cheaper polyester robes that are not inferior to silk ones in appearance, but at the same time are not so pleasant to the touch. Also, polyester dressing gowns have one big drawback. Thus when they are worn for a long time, the fabric is electrified and sticks to the body. As a result the external aesthetics of the image is lost and the photo shooting will not be completely successful. That is why we recommend paying attention to higher quality robes made from natural fabrics. The ideal fabric for a bride’s getting ready attire is:

  • satin
  • chiffon
  • crepe de chine
  • crepe georgette combined with lace
mid length white wedding robe handmade from satin

Different types of wedding robes

In general, there are different types of bridal robes that stylists distinguish. Below are some of the examples:

  • Short wedding robes robes. To clarify these short robes are made of soft and often transparent fabrics like tulle or lace.
Sally short bridal robe
  • Bridal kimono is another popular choice for a wedding morning. Indeed, it is a very comfortable and practical outfit. One of the reasons is the cut that is very similar to a kimono with wide sleeves and a loose fit. Usually, you can find knee-length kimono robes.
Ari kimono bridal robe satin
  • Victorian style bridal robes. These are very elegant and sexy wedding robes that look luxurious. Usually they are sewn from thin, translucent or lace fabrics, decorated with gold and embroidery. This robe can be used as a home evening dress for special moments, and as an outfit for a wedding photo shoot. Very often, such dressing gowns are accentuated with a train.
Chantilly lace bridal robe Debora

Don’t forget about the styles

bridal kimono Auckland

The choice of a robe is a matter of the bride’s taste and is determined by the girl’s individual preferences about her bridal look. It is common when newlyweds prefer to choose not transparent, but more modest styles with a high waist. 

Bomarit modest bridal robe in a floor lenth

If you are a sexy bride and not afraid of showing off a bit of skin you can easily choose a bridal robe with different transparent tulle and lace appliques on the front and back of the dress. Also, seductive robes often have short lace sleeves and can be further dramatised with a luxurious train or splits in the skirt.

You might be a funky and brave bride who want to show her playful side and enjoy her time with girlfriends. In this case, you should consider sequins, colourful blue, pink velvet robes that we also have plenty to choose from.

funky bridal robe
Blue tulle short dressing gown

If you are in love with the Old Hollywood than you should seriously consider wearing a feather bridal robe. They create an elegant and feminine look that you will enjoy many years later.

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