Sexy Lingerie Collection is now available for NZ brides

Dell’Amore Bridal is really excited to announce a release of the new sexy lingerie collection that is now available for order here in NZ. To begin with our talented European designers have launched seductive underwear that is really hard to resist. 2023 wedding nightwear surprises you with sparkles, crystals, delicate lace, feathers and will take your breath away. Let us highlight the most popular wedding underwear that will make your bridal morning complete and wedding night unforgettable.

Your Sexy Barbie Look

Sexy lingerie robe Terra and bra Barbie available in NZ

If you have ever dreamed about a barbie look then you should look at the designer bra and brief set ‘Barbie’. Barbie is a unique underwear bra and brief with white crystals, pearl glass, sequins and tulle pink bows and ruffles. This set will definitely will become your favourite underwear piece that you can easily pack with you to the honeymoon or enjoy your date nights. Now that if you are obsessed with the pink colour or feathers than a robe Terra is a perfect bridal robe that creates that wow factor. No to mention this robe will be perfect for your boudoir photoshoot or maternity photo session later too, so it is indeed very versatile 🙂 Check Dell’Amore Bridal popular robes and sexy lingerie in NZ.

The Floral Seductive Look

Bra and brief set Flower with silk flowers on the cups and lace patterns on the underwear

Undoubtedly this sexy lingerie floral bra and brief piece Flower is a unique and playful bridal underwear. Great news is that is now available for brides in NZ. The delicate white lace on the back of the underwear and silky flowers on the bra cups will make your man’s heart beat faster. See the best seller Rara Avis Bridal Lingerie.

Rara Avis Bridal Set Luxe and Bridal Corset Moonlight

Bridal lingerie Luxe by Rara Avis designer available for order in NZ
Sexy blush colour corset Moonlight from Dell'Amore bridal in nz

A bridal set ‘Luxe’ from Rara Avis designer is a sexy lingerie bra and brief that shines like a diamond. Brighten up your sky with this white colour wedding underwear Luxe. Create that intimate boudoir feel with the blush colour corset Moonlight.

Fun and sexy lingerie bra Zelda

Polka dot black sexy lingerie Zelda by Rara Avis in NZ.

Feeling inspired by Rara Avis sexy lingerie in NZ?

Visit our Dell’Amore Bridal boutique in NZ and or explore our new sexy lingerie collection online. Also Rara Avis designer lingerie is your special handmade lingerie that is made to order. This means that we will create your favourite lingerie piece just for you. Please check our Instagram page for the latest inspiration.