The Beginners Guide to Bohemian Wedding Dresses

These days, the words ‘bohemian’ and ‘boho chic’ are mainstays in the fashion industry, and they’re no strangers in bridalwear. If you’re intrigued at the idea of having a bohemian style wedding but aren’t entirely sure what the style represents and encapsulates—and what it means for you—you’ve come to the right place. Our experts give you a full run-down of bohemian fashion, bohemian weddings, and the key elements to consider when designing a bohemian wedding dress.

What is bohemian style?

Bohemian fashion, or ‘boho chic’ in short, is a diverse and flexible style of dress focused on expressing individuality and freedom of expression. Originally bohemian apparel was described as an unconventional and artistic way of dressing. The main idea emphasised by boho fashion is that clothing needs to prioritise comfort while expressing the unique style of the wearer.

Clothing designs for boho style are usually loose and flowy to provide maximum comfort. Multiple layers and oversized clothes are also encouraged here! Paisley patterns, suzani patterns, and retro prints are popular within this style, too. Basically, boho chic is meant to be creative and fun, so mixing textures and patterns is approved of. Colours can range from warm to cold, and be as vibrant and contrasting as you want.

What is a bohemian wedding ?

A bohemian wedding, in contrast, prioritises the creative and romanticised features of bohemian design. A bohemian wedding will look very much like a wedding out of a fairy tale—it can be set in the woods, by the ocean, or even in the middle of a dessert! The atmosphere of a boho chic wedding is earthy and set in nature, inspiring a sweet, romantic, and almost nostalgic feel.

What is a bohemian wedding dress?

Filata bohemian wedding dress from Dell’Amore Bridal’s Sun Rays collection
Filata wedding dress from the Sun Rays Collection
Filata bohemian wedding dress from Dell’Amore Bridal’s Sun Rays collection
Filata wedding dress from the Sun Rays Collection

Bohemian wedding dresses are unique and enchanting. The wide variety of styles available and the ease with which you can switch up designs makes bohemian wedding dresses perfect for brides who want to express their individuality.

Bohemian style can be used to create coloured wedding dresses, heavily sequined dress designs, or modest dress designs with intricate detailing. These wedding dresses inspire an ethereal look using wispy tulle and long, flowing fabrics. Designs also incorporate draped and billowing skirts, often with tiered layering combining lace and unique texture in elegant styles. Sleeve designs are diverse, and the range of alteration possibilities means brides have unlimited freedom to create. Whether your dream dress includes capelet sleeves, long and silky designs, bell sleeves, elegant straps, or no-sleeve, anything is possible when designing your bohemian wedding dress.

As you can tell, this diversity in design opens you up to a world of options! But before you get lost in a sea of lace, sequin, and fabric, there are popular themes within the broader boho chic style that can help narrow your search to help you find the one.

Bohemian Glamour

Tirion bohemian wedding dresses from the Dell’Amore Bridal’s Wild Soul collection.
Tirion wedding dress from the Wild Soul Collection
Tirion bohemian wedding dresses from the Dell’Amore Bridal’s Wild Soul collection.
Tirion wedding dress from the Wild Soul Collection

For a glamorous bohemian wedding dress, opt for elaborate beadwork, intricate crochet, or soft lace detailing in your designs. Graphic lace, exquisite guipure lace, soft flowing fabrics, tulle, and sequins all work to elevate your dress and make it breathtaking.

Bohemian Sweet Simplicity

Margaret wedding dress from Waterfall Collection
Margaret wedding dress from the Waterfall Collection

A beautiful bohemian wedding dress that is enchanting in its simplicity is the idyllic choice for inspiring sweet romance. Simple bohemian dress designs incorporate soft, elegant silhouettes that can elegantly drape or flow down the figure. The little details adorning simple wedding dress designs are what inspire the sweet and unique look of every dress. Use features such as a sheer lace panel, scalloped lace hemming or gentle beading along the cuff of the sleeve.  

Bohemian Allure

colourful wedding dress Lily from Rara Avis with sweetheart bodice and silk skirt, image 1
Rosaly wedding dress from the Reality Collection

Just because bohemian designs cater to a bride’s comfort doesn’t mean they can’t be seductive. A sexy wedding dress of bohemian design will inspire desire will long silken sleeves, a thigh-high slit on the skirts or using a shapely silhouette such as the curved trumpet design, hugging the body gently while featuring billowing skirts below.     

What accessories compliment a bohemian wedding dress?

Elf design bridal headband from Dell’Amore Bridal

Elf design bridal headband from Dell’Amore Bridal

To create the ultimate bohemian look, other elements should be effortlessly combined with your bohemian wedding dress. Jewellery can be bold and Bohemian to contrast a design or harmonise at your pleasure. Leather or faux leather sandals with winding straps are considered traditional bohemian footwear, but heeled shoes and boots are also excellent choices for your bohemian look.

Bohemian hairstyles are carefree, flowing, and tussled. Braids with flowers or soft waving hairstyles will also beautifully complement your overall appearance.

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