The Beginner’s Guide to Rara Avis Lingerie

Feel confident and effortlessly sexy on your wedding night wearing Rara Avis lingerie. Indulge on your special day and choose from our vast selection of designs and styles, knowing that you’ll feel comfortable and gorgeous—wedding dress or no! You’ll be sure to find a piece or set that calls to you.

The wide range of lingerie available to choose from means that there is sure to be a garment for everyone to love. Enjoy our guide to Rara Avis bridal lingerie below for inspiration to find your style and see all the possibilities that lingerie can offer!  

The Avant-Garde Corset

pink lingerie corset Bala with straps

The stunning design of the Bala set within our Rara Avis lingerie collection features a unique and sensual design. The Bala is part of the Sensualita Bridal Lingerie collection and is the perfect set for a night of romance. The powder-pink fabric of the Bala corset is made of soft lace, and velvet straps wrap snuggly around the figure and hold it gently. The ribbons fastened to the corset trail down from the bra cup design to lie delicately and enticingly on the hips. The waistline of the underwear is made of the same velvet ribbon festooning the corset with a delicate lace edging.

The Elegant Two-Piece Set

Top and trousers lingerie set Bazilie

The flowing design of the Bazile in the Sensualita Bridal Lingerie Collection features a set of lingerie ideal for any bride. The Bazile includes a bra, panties, and flared bottoms made of fine sheer fabric. The comfort and ease of this style are particularly suited to pair with bohemian wedding dresses we have here at Dell’Amore Bridal.

Key features of the bodice include velvet straps and shapely bra cups which provide ultimate comfort as well as style. The front of the bodice is speckled with a starry pattern to enchanting effect. In complementary fashion, the low waistline of the panties is made of a velvet gold fabric, lightly cinched at the waist, with delicate embroidery trailing down the sides. The material of this piece is made of gold netting and like the bodice, is festooned with stars. Boasting a celestial design, this set makes it the most divine choice for your wedding night.   

The Classic Nightgown by Rara Avis

Wedding lingerie Auckland. Rara Avis lingerie Aella & Oliv design from Bridal Lingerie collection
Wedding lingerie Auckland. Rara Avis lingerie Aella & Oliv design from Sensualita Bridal Lingerie collection

The Aella & Oliv nightgown is an excellent lingerie piece that hugs the body while draping down in silken layers. This garment is the epitome of sweetness and feminine charm. 

The long column style of the Aella & Oliv nightgown falls richly down the body and requires no fastener to hold it in place. The bust features an elegant Y-neck design with pearl beading down the front and white embroidery detailing across the chest. A unique feature of this lingerie piece is the ribbon of feathers and scalloped lace edging trailing along the end of the sleeves. This design perfectly combines the light material of feathers with the luxurious length of the dress to dreamy effect, creating an atmosphere that any bride would want to wake up in.

The Enticing Bodysuit

Wedding lingerie Auckland. Rara Avis lingerie Eva design from Bridal Lingerie collection
Wedding lingerie Auckland. Rara Avis lingerie Eva design from Bridal Lingerie collection

The Eva bodysuit is a delicate and enticing lingerie bodysuit, ideal for any bride who wants to feel absolutely irresistible. The Eva design features a triangle-shaped bra cup and rhombic panties joining at the front. A string tanga twines around the back to secure the garment in place along with the fastening hook.

The unique design of the Eva wedding lingerie is made of sheer net and lace fabric with floral detailing and decorated with gold lace. The beautiful robe Tansel completes the bridal look. Needless to say, the groom won’t be able to take his eyes off you.   

The Alluring Babydoll

Wedding lingerie Auckland. Rara Avis lingerie Tviko design from Bridal Lingerie collection
Wedding lingerie Auckland. Rara Avis lingerie Tviko design from Sensualita Bridal Lingerie collection

The shirt design of the Tviko is a sweet little lingerie piece meant for layering over wedding underwear. The slim straps and transparent fabric of this piece enhance the tone and lustre of your skin, and therefore makes the Tviko a youthful yet seductive choice for your wedding night. The simple design and softness of the fabric contrast the leaf embroidery on the bust while enhancing the delicate beading. Entice the eyes of your groom with this sheer masterpiece by hinting at the temptation underneath.

Feeling inspired by Rara Avis Lingerie?

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