Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Top Winter Wedding Tips

Contrary to popular belief, winter weddings do happen! If you’re considering a winter wedding, you’ve come to the right place! From festive décor and tips to bring in the warmth, to where you can buy excellent winter-appropriate wedding dresses in Auckland, this blog explores how brides-to-be can make the most of the cold weather to create a perfect winter celebration

1. Get Festive with Your Décor

Sparkling wedding ceremony lights and decoration

Wedding ceremonies are an utterly beautiful and romantic experience, and a ceremony held in the winter can give you the perfect opportunity to bring magic into your wedding theme. Sparklers, candles, and fairy lights are the ultimate winter decoration and will help to create an atmosphere of light and warmth.

Beautiful seasonal florals are also a MUST, such as pansies, violas, camellias, and hellebores (also known as winter roses). These enchanting little touches make a big difference and will bring your wedding theme together wonderfully.

2. Layer Up for a Winter Wedding

Bride in blush colour wedding dress with sleeves, Kenzi from Dell’Amore Bridal’s  Ali D’Amore Collection. Wedding dresses auckland

Weddings are heart-warming occasions, but standing still in the cold can really set your teeth a chattering if you’re not layered up. Keeping yourself (and your party) warm is essential for a wintery wedding celebration!

Long-sleeve couture wedding dresses and gowns that flow to the floor are the perfect choices for brides and bridesmaids alike during the frosty season. Also, thick thermal tights can be worn and easily hidden underneath a long skirt—subtle but effective!

Luckily, layering is an excellent way for a bride to complete her winter fantasy look and can even be used to incorporate textures and add a touch of colour! Capes, chic shrugs, and luxurious faux fur stoles are popular choices every winter bride should consider. Other excellent layering pieces include cool leather jackets and embroidered lace jacket designs. For beautifully layered pieces for bridesmaids, pashminas, capelets, and bolero jackets are a brilliant choice

3. Keep your Wedding Guests Cosy & Warm

Making sure your guests are cosy and warm is another top priority in a winter wedding celebration! If the venue proves to be a bit chilly, be sure to have blankets ready on hand for those who need it.

On top of this, another good cold-weather-practice to add to your checklist is to add an extra box or two of tissues! Weddings can become soppy occasions, and often leave many gushing and teary-eyed. Add the chilly weather on top of that, and a few of your guests will be suffering from runny noses and minor colds as well, so they’ll greatly appreciate the extra care and thought!

4. Coat Check for Wedding Guests

If your venue is well-insulated, make sure you have someone ready and waiting at reception to take charge of guests’ coats and outer layers. Have somewhere to store them where they can be kept safe and sound throughout the ceremony.  

5. Serve Delicious Wintery Beverages

Delicious mulled spice wine with a cinnamon stick on top

When your guests escape the cold and come into the toastier indoors, make them feel that much more welcome and warmer with a delicious hot drink. There’s nothing better than being ushered in with a steaming cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or mulled spice wine.

For Beautiful Wedding Dresses Online

If you’re planning for a winter wedding and are in need of enchanting dress designs, explore our collections of couture wedding gowns for inspiration. Whether you prefer sweet and modest wedding dresses, or glamorous bohemian wedding dress designs, winter is the perfect time to add a little glitter and sparkle! (Or a lot of sparkle!) Book an appointment with the Dell’Amore Bridal team today and we’ll happily help you create the wedding dress of your dreams. Don’t forget to check our Instagram for winter inspiration.