Wedding shoes tips and tricks or how to find that perfect match to your wedding dress?

The wedding shoes today are not just shoes. It is also a stylish bridal accessory, as well as a must-have element of a photo shoot. Therefore, an argument that they are not visible under the dress is hopelessly outdated. In fact, the choice of wedding shoes should be treated with great attention. We will take you to the journey of finding the perfect bridal footwear for your special day.

Say ‘Yes’ to the dress first!

Firstly, it is a great idea to find your dream wedding dress. Your wedding gown style, length, fabric, colour will define the main theme for the wedding look. Thus, you want to make sure that your bridal footwear compliment it. If you fall in love with a pair of wedding shoes before saying that magical ‘Yes’ to the dress, you can still buy them. However, it is worth checking your wedding budget first. In the end of the day it is better to buy wedding footwear earlier than leaving this to the last minute shopping.

Wedding shoes – it is all about the style

high heels bridal shoes with floral decorations

Your wedding dress style absolutely influences your wedding shoes choice. For instance, a glamorous fitted dress will look stunning with simple leather high heels or shoes that are decorated with rhinestones and beads. If you have chosen a romantic gown than shoes with evening heels and delicate lace will look particularly elegant and ethereal. What if you wish to look like Cinderella in a princess wedding dress than don’t afraid of bringing some sparkles and crystals. If you are celebrating your wedding at the seaside than beach flats or even barefoot will be a comfortable option. If you are a truly bohemian girl than you should consider taking black or colourful combat boots to your bridal photoshoot. Alternatively, you can opt for barefoot look with some boho ankle bracelets. In terms of the colour, white, ivory, champagne and cream are the most popular bridal shoes colour.

gold leather closed shoes with high heels

Non-traditional bridal footwear choice

A bride wearing white converse shoes for her wedding day

Today, non-traditional bridal shoes have become a popular choice for many brides. The main thing is the integrity of the bride’s image, expressing your personal style and bringing some playful vibes to the bridal look. This means that white or gold crystals boots, converse or sneakers are among the top picks. The same goes for coloured courts, heels, loafers and sandals that have become an area of ​​experimentation. The most popular are blue, red, black, green, pink, rose gold, burgundy and purple wedding shoes.  Moreover, you do not have to choose plain shoes. Instead, many brides wear weddings shoes with prints like flowers or polka dots. Also, shoe designs with a metallic effect look simple but elegant. 

Comfortable shoes are the best shoes

Purple metallic bridal heels with a square heel shape

Comfort is the most important factor in choosing bridal shoes. Sometimes you find a pair that is perfect in appearance, concept and season, but after trying it on, you understand that the shoes are too tight or do not fit. There is nothing worse than tormenting yourself all day in the wrong shoes, rubbing calluses and dreaming only of changing into something more comfortable. At such moments you can hardly remember how well the shoes go with the dress. So if you are not used to the high heels it might be a good idea to consider beautiful low or square heels.

Break your wedding shoes and rehearse in them

It is absolutely worth to break your wedding shoes prior to your wedding day. You can wear them carefully for an hour or so at home with or without socks. You also want to make sure that you can bring them to your first wedding dress fitting and be able to walk comfortably. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to walk through the whole day in new shoes, use a little trick: prepare and bring along a pair of comfy shoes in advance. In them, you can change your shoes at a banquet, if you do not have the strength to walk in heels or your shoes are rubbed somewhere. A good tip is to remember to bring your callus plasters to your wedding – just in case.

A bride wearing comfortable running shoes with her short mini dress

What about the wedding venue?

If you are lucky and are planning a celebration on the beach, it is better to choose shoes without heels but flip-flops or sandals. What about a wedding in the wild? This means that chic evening shoes will have to be abandoned in favour of casual footwear. High heels shoes will not withstand collisions with the ground and stones.

Feeling inspired by wedding shoes?

Please check our Instagram page for the latest inspiration on the beautiful designer wedding shoes. If you are still looking for a dream wedding dress or non-traditional colourful gown than feel free to book a free appointment with Dell’Amore Bridal, our bridal store in Auckland, New Zealand!