Wedding veil – unveiling beautiful styles and unique designs in NZ

Veil is a traditional wedding attribute of the wedding outfit around the world and in NZ. A decade ago, no one could have imagined a bride getting married without it. Nowadays, many brides refuse this accessory in favor of tiaras, flower headband and other intricate headpieces and jewellery. Dell’Amore Bridal believes that while veils are often underestimated, they are a charming touch to the bridal look. The wedding veil has always been a symbol of femininity and innocence. It was believed that the veil protects the girl from the evil eye on her wedding day.

Let your veil speak to your heart – find the veil to fall in love with!

There are so many beautiful veils in NZ to choose from. Let’s have a look at the different styles that NZ brides have these days.

Glamorous Pear Veil in NZ

pearl veil nz

The pearl veil is a beautiful wedding accessory that comes in different lengths. It is a perfect match to the minimalist modern wedding dress that got so popular within last two years with the Covid pandemic and informal elopement in NZ and across the world. This glamorous veil snowed with pearls will nicely demonstrate the elegant and straight lines of your wedding gown silhouette and create a smart bridal look. The pearl veil can be a nice touch for a romantic or sexy wedding dress that has few pearl decorations on it. In this case it will gracefully complement the bridal outfit without making it too busy or overwhelming.

Elegant and Simple Veil

Ivory bridal veil on comb floor length

Elegant and simple veil in an ivory or diamond white colour is always a safe and elegant choice that suits most of the bridal gowns. If you are not sure what veil to choose, this is the veil in NZ that is hard to go wrong with. The only thing to keep in mind is the colour and the fabric of the veil. You will need to check that the white colour is the same or very similar to the white colour of your dress. To do this, we recommend to fold the veil into several layers to see its true colour and put it against the dress. Also, it will be great to check how the veil flows down. For example, neylon veils seem to be softer and usually are more flowing veils. In contrast, fatin veils create a cloud look effect and are perfect for princess wedding dresses or gowns handmade from similar tulle. Moreover, this simple veil will be also a beautiful match to the floral wedding dresses from the Floral Paradise Collection or similar style gowns.

Non-traditional Floral Veil

colourful wedding dress Lily from Rara Avis with sweetheart bodice and silk skirt, image 1

Non-traditional floral veil is great option for a bride who wants to show a bit of character and bring funky vibes to her wedding day. This veil looks particularly attractive with the white or off-white colour wedding dress and is available for our NZ brides.

Colourful Wedding Veil

dell'amore bridal wedding dresses nz

Colourful wedding veil is available in NZ in soft bridal colours like blush, pink, peach, blue or ivory. It is a unique veil that many brides choose to match the colour of the bridal gown. It can also brighten up the bridal look and match the main colour of the wedding theme or bridesmaids dresses. Dell’Amore Bridal has a variety of colourful veils to offer. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Feeling inspired by a pearl veil or other veils in NZ?

Please check our Instagram page for the latest inspiration on the beautiful designer wedding veils. If you are still looking for a dream wedding veil or non-traditional colourful veil than feel free to book a free appointment with Dell’Amore Bridal, our bridal store in Auckland, New Zealand!