Who to Take to Your Wedding Dress Fitting Session


Finding the perfect wedding dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress starts with choosing the right escort. They say that the dress chooses the bride, that it is love from the first sight. However, it might be also the fruit of endless visits to bridal stores and many hours of wedding dress fittings. The question is “who would you like to have next to you when you finally realise that this is the “dress of your dreams”? Dell’Amore Bridal store in Auckland has prepared you a list of potential crew who can help share your feelings during your wedding gown shopping.

Taking your mum to a bridal store in Auckland

If you invite your mother to accompany you to choose a wedding dress, be sure – you will make her cherished dream come true! In addition to being a trusted advisor (who else if not her?). She will surely give a real assessment of your figure and the fit of the dress. She also knows all the details and style of the future wedding. Moreover, it is a great way to thank her for all her help and participation (sometimes even unnecessary :)) in the wedding preparations. Sometimes a mum has a very strong personality or prefers a certain style for you. In this case you run the risk of leaving the bridal store not with the dress of your dreams. In this case, you might want to bring your mum to your second wedding dress consultation.

bride and her mother on wedding day

What about dads and wedding dress?

Some brides-to-be do not hesitate to bring dad for an important wedding dress fitting. This is a good strategy when the dad is an experienced connoisseur of female beauty, such men “see” the big picture better and can give more valuable advice than girlfriends. However, even if dad does not understand anything about women’s dresses, but he pays, his presence usually increases the budget :). Rarely does a father’s heart not flinch at the sight of his beloved daughter in a delightful dress and with tears in his eyes.

Wedding gown shopping with your girlfriends

Of course, a wedding is not only a family celebration, but also an excuse to share the holiday and holiday preparations with close friends. If you decide to go to a wedding dress fitting with your girlfriends, pay attention to the list of “invitees”. The first fashionista will not always be the best advisor, especially if your tastes differ. In some cases, jealousy can overpower and her victim’s comments overshadow all other opinions. Therefore, carefully weigh everything and choose only those who are able to support you, respecting your decisions, before you find yourself in the epicenter of the “war of the brides” 🙂

Visiting the bridal store with your sister

Your sister, unless your relationship is like in the movie “get away from you,” or your best friend, who is like a sister to you. With whom have you commented and discussed for many years the evening and wedding dresses of the celebrities. They surely know how to improve your ideas and make your dreams come true. Their presence will help make this moment a real holiday!

Groom as an expert at the bridal shop

If the bride can accompany the groom in the search for a wedding suit, why can’t it be the other way around? And if the most superstitious say that seeing a wedding dress before the wedding brings misfortune, and you do not care too much, you are not the first time to break tradition, why not? After all, in the end, he should like you, why don’t you choose together what you both like? If you have shared a house, income and expenses for some time, a joint decision about such a large purchase is almost imperative. Often the future husband is more specific and frank, honest, trusts the opinion of experts, allows them to help and advise. But the groom must have a sufficient margin of safety for long-term shopping and a lot of patience 🙂

A bride wearing Darlin wedding dress designed by Rara Avis

Remember the most important thing

Do not allow the judgments and criticism of the people accompanying you to influence your choice. They all have different tastes, but you get married and the most important opinion is yours, the opinion that ultimately decides everything is your taste!

Wedding dress shopping at Dell’Amore Bridal

Have you already decided who to take you to your wedding dress shopping? If the answer is yes, you can book your free bridal consultation with Dell’Amore Bridal today. You will experience a 1,5 hour free consultation with our wedding dress expert at our cure showroom. During your appointment you will be able to try on as many wedding gowns as you wish. Your family and friends will be served with some beverages as well.

Did you know that Dell’Amore Bridal also offers design modifications?

We cater for modest design modifications to your wedding dress. This means that you can follow your dreams to their fullest. If you wish to add sleeves, lift up the deep neckline, or change a brooch with a dramatic bow, we will be happy to do this for you. We also have in-house tailoring services that you are welcome to use.

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