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Women Pyjamas

Stylish pyjamas and sexy pyjama sets are an essential element of woman’s wardrobe. They have become even more popular during the lockdown when we spent most of our time at home. Often women pyjamas replace other types of home clothes and are worn in the morning and before going to bed. Thus it is important that pj sets are comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Dell’Amore Bridal offers a variety of silk pjs, satin pyjamas, cotton pyjamas and other nightwear for women. Our pyjamas are sexy, elegant and available in beautiful pastel colours like white, grey, blue and cream. If you wish to have something playful and fun in your lingerie wardrobe we have prepared a floral and leopard colour pjs sets.

Dell’Amore Bridal has also a stunning range of luxurious bridal pyjamas. Choose your favourite style: short pyjamas, kimono shirt, lace top, pj pants or pyjama shorts.

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