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Wedding Jumpsuits

Bridal Jumpsuit

A wedding jumpsuit is a great option for a courthouse ceremony, intimate wedding. In addition it is a fresh bridal look for a reception or engagement party. Indeed, it is one of the most comfortable bridal wear you can find and think of.

The pantsuit or a jumpsuit so popular in 1950-es is now back in a variety of styles and fabrics. You can choose elegant lines of satin and silk fabrics with minimal decorations or embellishments. This will create a simple and elegant modern bride character look. However, if you prefer more glamor and a bit of statement on the day you should look at the jumpsuits that are skilfully decorated with pearl glass, lace and other beadings. Moreover, a bohemian jumpsuit with a loose character is also a beautiful choice.

Wedding jumpsuit is an attractive and universal option not just for its beauty but also for its price range. In fact, there are many affordable options for brides on different budgets. We have a beautiful range of modern and chic wedding jumpsuits available for our Auckland brides.

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